Congress in Manresa, Barcelona


Manresa Life Nieblas

Water collection offered by Life Nieblas project reaches Manresa (Barcelona) within the 3rd BIT Congress 2024 framework held in Vic. After years of research and testing in the Canary Islands, its partners, GESPLAN, CREAF, ICIA, ITC, and Cabildo de Gran Canaria, now present their results at the University Foundation of Bages in Manresa. Such presentations aim to expand the use of the systems developed in Life Nieblas throughout the Spanish territory.

Our coordinator Gustavo Viera Ruiz, along other project partners, presented three different systems with a variety of materials and technologies used in a total of 27 fog water collectors, capable of capturing more than 500 litres of water per m2 at the installations carried out in the Canary Islands. Our structures i-FWCs (innovative fog water collectors) are ready to enter the market and be used in territories where conditions of fog and wind are met, such as areas in the Catalan central plateau, the coastal mountain range, and the Pre-Pyrenees. This will contribute to adapt to the upcoming droughts episodes that will become increasingly recurrent.

We are pleased that both the technical proposal and its presentation have had significant media relevance through digital and printed media outlets nationwide. Without a doubt, we continue to strengthen social interest and viability to extrapolate the results from Life Nieblas project to other territories nationally and internationally.


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